TA-003 First Aid Kit

Serves up to 1

This first aid kit contains various emergency products which you
can use when first aid treatment is needed. It has been developed
I cooperation with several European Humanitarian Organizations.
Besides, it is convenient for traveling and hiking because it can be
clipped on a belt..

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Item                                    Qty

1 Triangular Bandage          1Pc
2 Elastic Bandage               1pc
3 Adhesive Tape                 1roll
4 Safety Pins                       10pcs
5 Scissors                            1pair
6 Mouth to mouth Mask     1pc
7 Long Adhesive Strip        1pc
8 Wet Tissue (NaCl)           1pc
9 Wet Tissue (Soap)           1pc
10 Non-Woven Swab          1pc
11 Adhesive Plasters          5pcs
12 PVC coated nylon bag

size: 12.5 x 8x 5.5 cms


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